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I work with many amazing people. These women embody the wisdom and the creativity to inspire and to create offerings that are deeply healing and spiritually nourishing.

“May beauty, wonder, delight and peace return balance to your being; body, mind and spirit.”

Kim Leduc

Kim LeDuc is a body worker, healer, seeker and explorer. Kim knows that healing is possible for all and that we heal within a web; not only for ourselves but for one another.


Kim has committed her life to the healing path and walks this path in the company of her Ancestors and those healers who have come before. Awakening the healer within and remembering the beauty of life is her greatest joy.


Trained in counseling, yoga, massage and body therapies, Kim has honed her natural, empathic abilities to read the body and to work with energy and plant medicine to restore and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. By studying ancient wisdom traditions and learning from Ancestors, Guides, Teachers and the Earth, Kim has come to deeply trust in the power of ritual and ceremony. Kim is deeply committed to ethical and wise practices and creates safe and sacred space within which we can explore transformation.

Daphne Hollins

Daphne Hollins is a certified yoga teacher, outreach worker, advocate and healer. Daphne has created for herself, a life of being in service to others, working through a lens of compassion and love. Daphne has walked her own healing path, unearthing her unique wisdom and gifts to offer to others. Daphne is trained in yoga, meditation, massage and counseling and is exploring the role of the cycles of nature in healing the body and soul. Deeply committed to upholding human dignity, Daphne holds space with deep reverence for others, honouring their truth and their process.


Intensely connected to nature and natures powers of healing and renewal, Daphne immerses herself in the natural world as much as possible. She is a complete believer in the role of our Earth’s forests, oceans, mountains and valleys to restore and renew the soul, her own included.


 “When I find myself in the natural world, surrounded by the beauty and the fierceness that unfolds there, I know that healing reaches for us….we only need to respond with an open heart and with trust in her ways.”


“Opening to the healing that is all around us and allowing that love in is not what this system has taught us to do. I humbly offer myself in service to the opening in others.”

Tracy Myers

Tracy Myers is a registered clinical, relational counsellor, drummer, spoken word artist, community activist and survivor of the western psychiatric system. For almost 30 years Tracy has dedicated her life and study to supporting others on their path to recovery and wholeness.


Through her own journeys with various plant medicines she has come to understand the extremely narrow limitations of western approaches to healing. Drumming, movement, poetry and sound are woven into the fabric of her life in ways she wishes to share with others.


Tracy is a settler of Scottish and Irish descent who has lived on the occupied, ancestral territories of the Snuneymuxw, Stz’uminus, and Snaw-naw-as nations for over 25 years.  She is deeply grateful for the kindness, generosity of spirit and many teachings she has received from the caretakers of this powerful and sacred place.

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