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Psychedelic Integration Group

An open & non-judgmental community healing space.

Join in sacred connection as we weave together the individual and collective meaning that psychedelics has opened us to.

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The goal of this group is to process and integrate the wisdom and the challenges from psychedelics and apply these to our lives.  Psychedelic experiences can be unclear, confusing, inspiring and uplifting.  In this group we will explore these experiences and transform them into practices' or positive patterns in our lives.  We will utilize practices such as sharing, creativity, growing together as we focus on specific questions/themes.

We meet weekly online for 90 minutes. The group begins with a grounding meditation. 

This is an eight-week closed group.

*Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet

Please Note: there will not be provided advice on dosing or finding psychedelic drugs. This group is intended to be for discussing the emotional journey of psychedelic use and how to apply its lessons in daily life, not for direct instructions or advice. If you have yet to take psychedelics but are considering using these in your healing journey, you may find the group a supportive resource in preparation for your own work.

Deborah is not a licensed clinical counselor and this is not intended to be a thereaputic group. Please check my qualifications in the About section of this website.

Currently full
Online // $320
Contact Deborah for information about sliding scale.

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