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A Labour of Love

These dolls speak.

They tell you that you are loved, you are strong, you are perfect. They embody, in the human form, the nurturance and fearlessness that leads to change and growth. They are a mirror, reflecting to you your own innate ability to heal and they are a window, showing the sacred truth that is within you.


She is a companion that will take you to powerful places, show you parts of yourself you have never known or been able to express. She will listen and hold your secrets close. She will comfort you. She will embody those feelings that you desire to move and she will help you let them go. She accepts you and loves you unconditionally.


Through her, you will come to see that you are also a magical creation, filled with healing power and ancestral memory.


available dolls:

available dolls:

available dolls:


These medicine dolls are products of the land,

they are created close to nature, and are intimately connected to the natural world. They are adorned with feathers, rocks, crystals, shells, reclaimed fur, and other natural items. Each item that they wear or carry within is infused with prayer and blessings, smudged in gratitude for nature’s ever self-sacrificing gifts. Some of my dolls will sleep under the stars, some will take part in ceremony and drum circles, all will absorb the magic of the spiritual world through the process of manifestation.

Custom dolls start at $450 plus delivery


~ A nine-fold blessing upon you ~ 
May the river of Danu run through your veins
May the heart of the Mother beat fierce in you
May the forest of Cernuous give you rest
May Spirit smile upon all you do
May the air of peace surround your soul
May the fire of passion burn bright within
May you know your power and sacred place
May you never forget who you are
And may you walk always gently upon the Earth.

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