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Ancestral Healing

When we heal the Ancestors, we heal ourselves and those who come after us. We carry patterns of our ancestors on a genetic level and oftentimes may not understand the nature of our illness until we go to the source.

This healing also works with ancestors who may be hanging on to you or refusing to pass over to the spirit world.


Prior to your appointment:

  • To prepare for your session, I recommend that you journal your observations from dreams and or events in your life for a few days prior.

  • I suggest that you always abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to your appointment for any shamanic/spiritual healing.

  • On the day of your appointment, I encourage you to make an offering to Mother Earth in recognition of the healing that is coming. Offerings can be herbal (sage or tobacco for example) or can be a song or gift of your own creation (that is not harmful to the Earth).


During the Ceremony:

  • Ceremony to welcome your ancestors, spirit guide(s), sacred familiar

  • Shamanic journeying to identify the source of the trauma and it’s origin

  • Psychopomp support for the ancestors

  • Energetic clearing of the unhelpful patterns and energies, perhaps through consulting Akashic records or ancestral wisdom keepers

  • Retrieval of sacred familiar and or soul fragments


*Please note, ceremony can last anywhere from 1.5-3 hours*


After the Appointment:

  • We will discuss and design ways in which to integrate the healing in the days following the session. These may include daily prayers, offerings and/or ceremony.

Investment: $350

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