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Spiritual Mentorship

Journey through the Wheel of the Year with the Celtic Medicine Wheel
February 2025 - January 2026
Limited space available
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Memory moves through the spirit world and can be accessed and shared. As a society we have collectively forgotten the ways of the ancients, the value of our Earth connection and the vastness of mystery that is ours to discover. The role of tradition, intuition and the divine feminine can enhance our experience of the world. Sitting together in sacred circle, we can weave together the ways of the ancients with our own innate knowledge and create a blanket of deep wisdom to pass on to future generations. We need not learn...we need only to remember.

Mother Earth is alive. 
She invites us to be in deep partnership with Her.  We share Her rhythms.  Living in connection to Her cycles, Her rhythms and Her wheel, we are connected to the ever-turning process of creation and destruction, life and death.

Our ancestors lived their lives intricately woven with the cycles of Nature; exploring the thresholds between the Seasons and creating beautiful customs, stories, ritual and song to celebrate and honour these times. These are reflected in the Wheel of the Year: a foundation for understanding the changing nature of the Earth, and the way in which we are aligned with these changes. The wisdom of the Wheel reminds us that death and life yield to one another again and again...there is no beginning and no end.

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By honouring the Wheel of the Year within us, we begin to understand our own Wholeness, how balance is found within as we attune ourselves to the cycles of the natural world, each other and the Earth.

Observing the 8 sacred days (four Quarter days that mark changes in the sky, and four Cross-quarter days that celebrate changes in the land) which mark the Wheel of the Year, we tune deeply to this foundational cycle and begin to work in congruence with the natural flow of life on Mother Earth. As we mark these sacred times we connect with our human experience with Nature and the gap closes between these. We see Earth in ourselves and care for both more deeply.

Conscious awareness of the Wheel as it turns within you and the dance of the divine feminine and masculine as it is expressed through you will bring to you a greater awareness of Self.  Honour your journey as you move through the seasons, the holy days and the cycle of life.

By utilizing the Celtic Medicine Wheel as a guide, you will discover how you can connect with the elements and directions in your everyday life and bring balance when you are confused, stuck or in need of healing. These can be applied to personal growth, general guidance, work, projects and relationships.

What is included:

  • 1 in-person gathering per month

  • A monthly booklet with exercises, rituals, teachings and reflections

  • Includes 4 sacred medicine days (1 per season) designed with the intention to dive into the energy of the season and align with what is calling for us to heal, grow, contemplate, or discover.

  • A 1 hour private consultation per season with Deborah – can include healing, deepening practice, journeying, teachings (totals 4 sessions in the year)

  • Monthly check-in evening gatherings via zoom

  • Guided meditations, movement, nature connection and deep self-inquiry, connecting to the Sacred Feminine and bringing Her through into your life

  • Ceremony and rituals, ancestral healing and connection designed to help guide you in your practice

  • Discovery of your Sacred Familiar, guides and allies in Spirit world

  • Song, dance, drumming and being part of an amazing and loving community of women!

Cost:  $3300 (save $300 if you register and are accepted by September 15, 2024)

Payment plans are available

Ready to apply?

Registration closes December 1, 2024
Please note an intake is required to join this offering.



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Fern Leaves

The wisdom teachings of the grandmothers have become personal to me and I thank Deborah for making them accessible and enriching. I trust her to teach me the ways of Spirit, The Celtic Wheel of the Year and spiritual protocols. She has encouraged and guided me to create deepening relationships with my Sacred Familiar/Power Animal and my well ancestors. The visualizations and spirit journeys that Deborah creates and facilitates are some of the most impactful of my spiritual path. I feel safely held by Deborah's wise guidance and I am learning to trust myself to navigate the realms of Spirit. My confidence to take the traditionally worn path of the ancient peoples of the Earth has increased as I walk to my ancestors and feel them welcome me back home.  Deborah has made discovering my authentic spirituality an exciting and meaningful exploration. My life is ever richer for having embarked on this soul journey with Deborah and the Whispering Earth wisdom teachings.

Kim Leduc

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