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Ceremonial Medicine

Should you choose to go forward with an psychedelic healing journey, the process is as follows: 


  1. Send an email to Deborah at 

  2. Have a 20 minute phone call with Deborah to assess readiness, need, cost, and answer any questions you have about the experience. 

  3. Fill out the Intake form and Intention setting document and return to Deborah 

  4. Have a one-hour preparation call to discuss, in more detail, your intentions for the journey 

  5. There is a financial investment as each journey takes approximately 10 hours, including everything   


On the day of the journey:  Prepare for a 6 - 8 hour day: You will be received in sacred space and guided by trained ceremony guides. You will receive a detailed description of the day and how to prepare upon agreement of service.


Integration: A one-hour integration session will be offered within 2 days of your journey where you will be supported to weave together your insights, unearthed memories, shifts of consciousness into your everyday life. If you would like extra integration sessions those can be arranged at a cost of $125/session

10 hours | Investment discussed on call

Going into any psychedelic journey can be a scary thing, and has often left me with more questions than answers. But Deborah's guidance throughout the journey made me feel safe, and the integration afterwards built frameworks around lessons from the medicine. Having done several medicine journeys in the past I can say Deborah's guidance was by far the most helpful for effecting change in my life.

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