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Psychedelic Integration

This service is designed to help you understand your psychedelic journey experience, process feelings and emotions related to your journey and integrate the wisdom and insights gained into your daily life.


Integration helps you better understand the non-ordinary consciousness that you access through psychedelic journeying. It will help you to interpret the experience as you open to the vast potential that working with psychedelics can present.


Integration can assist with many journey substances, including Psilocybin, MDMA, Ketamine, Ayahuasca, LSD and others.


Those who benefit from psychedelic integration include:

  • those seeking reliable information about psychedelic journeying

  • those seeking a deepening of their personal journey, wanting to go beyond their current plateau

  • those seeking aid in overcoming mental/emotional blocks, childhood and past trauma

  • those seeking to connect with the spiritual; the non-ordinary realities and the various guides, animal spirits, ancestors and wisdom teachers that are available to us

  • those seeking a new outlook, specifically if living with anxiety, confusion, depression or fear


By uniting psychedelic integration with spiritual guidance, support and compassion, in a non-judgmental space, you can holistically return to full power and potential. As we move toward greater degrees of connection with our human/animal/plant family, we can experience significant change and evolution, propelling us into a future that is more open to possibility, personal evolution and deep peace.

60 min | $100CAD

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