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Shamanic Reiki

Powerful healing technique for vitality, openness and balance.

  • 1 h
  • 100 US dollars
  • In Office

What to Expect

Shamanic Reiki combines two very powerful healing techniques so that the practitioner can fully treat the client on a spiritual and energetic level. After determining what brings you for a session and setting our intentions, you will lay on a massage table (dress comfortably). You will be encouraged to relax, perhaps with guided meditation/visualization and Deborah will work with your energy field. This work can be done hands on or off, depending on your needs and level of comfort. Deborah works with the three Celtic Cauldrons – those are Cauldron of Wisdom, Cauldron of Vocation, Cauldron of Warming. These sit within the body/spirit much like chakras. Each govern aspects of our humanity: consciousness, ego, spiritual/physical health. Deborah uses the healing energy of Reiki to bring greater balance to these, restoring connections among the three and working to establish deep healing, returned vitality and openness. Reiki works on a spiritual level and is profoundly grounding and relaxing. During a session messages may be received and guidance may be revealed. Afterwards, you will have time to discuss the session and make sense of what arose from it.

Contact Details

  • Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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