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Focused on the spiritual nature of healing, I will act as a bridge between you and Spirit world, to aid you in remembering and reconnecting to the Sacred, to the healing possibilities of our Whispering Earth and to your own Divine Source.

~ Deborah offers a sliding scale for those who may require this. ~ Contact Deborah for more information

  • An ancient ceremony of empowerment and remembrance.

  • Powerful healing technique for vitality, openness and balance.

  • A spiritual pilgrimage of the soul back to one’s true self.

  • Reunite with lost fragments of self.

  • Understand and process your psychedelic journey experience

  • Psychedelic Healing Journey and Integration

  • A six-week dive into the ancient healing of plant medicine

  • Heal wounds and behaviors carried by our Ancestors, held within our ge...

  • Turn inward to find the beauty and healing that rests in the darkness.

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